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What is Aromatherapy?

It is a form of alternative naturopathic medicine that utilizes volatile plant materials, also known as essential oils, to heal human skin.

What is your Keloid Removal Serum and Toner made of?

Our Keloid Removal Serum derives from a expertly calibrated formula made from proven anti microbial ingredients including Cocos nucifera oil, Styrax benzoin, Melaleuca alfernifolia oil, Curcuma longa oil, Eucalyptus polybractea and Vitamin E.  

The Toner ingredients include Cymbogon flexuosus oil, Mentha arvensis oil, Melaleuca alfernifolia oil and Alcohol Free Witch Hazel. 

How come there are no chemicals/drugs in your Keloid Removal Duo? 

Because we sincerely believe that chemicals/drugs will not heal a keloid infection and will often make the keloid infection worse!

Furthermore, we strongly suggest that you cease using any chemical/drug based products on your Keloids while using our product as this will most probably reduce the effectiveness of our product.

What will I receive when I purchase the Keloid Removal Duo?

You will receive 50 ml of theToner and 2 ounces of the Keloid Removal Serum.

How long will one Keloid Removal Duo last?

One Keloid Removal Duo will last for up to 12 weeks when used as directed on a single keloid of approximately 2 inches in diameter. When used on larger keloid infections on areas such as the scalp, chest or back then the product will last for a proportionally shorter time period based on the actual size of the infection.  

What are the instructions to use the Keloid Removal Duo?

In the morning, first apply a few drops of Toner both on, around and between your keloid(s) and massage it into your skin using clean hands. 

Then pull enough serum into the dropper from the Keloid Removal Serum bottle to cover the area on, around and between your keloid(s) and then aggressively massage it into your skin using clean hands.

Then repeat the above process in the evening before bed. 

Some examples of application would be as follows:

  •  If the keloid is on your earlobe then apply to the front and back of the whole exterior of your ear (except inside your ear drum)
  • If the Keloid is on the back of your scalp then apply to your whole scalp. 
  • If the Keloid is on one side of your upper chest then apply to your whole upper chest area. 

Why does the area around my keloid itch and or feel irritated?

Aside from the actual visible keloid scar, itching and or irritation is probably the most common complaint heard from keloid sufferers.

We believe that such itching and or irritation is an indication that the bacteria responsible for the keloid is growing and spreading within your skin.

Unfortunately a keloid sufferer that is experiencing itching and or irritation will usually find that their keloid will soon grow in size or spread to other areas as long as this itching or irritation persists. 

What are stages of healing when using the Keloid Removal Duo?

The first stage of healing is the decrease and eventual ceasing of itching and or irritation which should occur within a week or so for most keloid infections or up to a few weeks for severe keloid infections.

Then visible healing should commence and usually starts on the outer edges of larger keloids or starts with the smaller keloids if they are part of a cluster of keloids.

Then over time the area of healing should gradually increase continuing from the outer edges of the infection and proceed towards the center or source of the keloid infection as the actual keloid decreases in size as the skin continues to heal.

What are the factors that determine the severity of a keloid infection?

We have found that there are three main factors that determine the severity of keloid infection:

1. Size: The larger the keloid means that there will be more bacteria causing said keloid.

2. Age: The bacteria causing keloids tends to spread outward within the skin from the source of initial infection which will eventually cause the visible keloid to grow in size over time. Furthermore, the bacteria will also embed deeper into the skin over time. 

3. Depth of bacterial infection: Generally, keloid infections caused by invasive surgeries often produce the most severe keloid infections probably because of the deep placement of the bacteria within the skin by the unsantized medical instrument. 

What should I expect when I first start using Fixskin’s Keloid Removal Duo?

Within minutes of application of both our toner and serum you will notice that the product will absorb into the skin because our product is formulated to immediately penetrate the visible epidermis layer of skin and get to the dermis skin layer where the bacterial infection causing your Keloids resides.

Eventually over time with consistent use you should also notice that the area of infection will start to gradually begin to slowly shed the thick skin tissue scarring which is a common aspect of keloid formation. 

Will your Keloid Removal Duo eliminate every single Keloid regardless of size and or age?

We know that our expertly calibrated formula gradually destroys the bacteria that causes Keloids. However, what makes Keloids unique and so difficult to remove is not just the bacteria within the skin but the excessive skin tissue scarring that for many keloid sufferers has grown unabated for years due to non and or improper treatment. Therefore the key is to faithfully use our Keloid Removal Duo to allow our serum to not only destroy the bacteria causing your Keloids but also break down the scarred skin tissue that has grown atop your affected skin.

Is there a chance that my Keloids will return after your Keloid Removal Duo eliminates most of my Keloids?

Because we believe Keloids are the result of bacterial infection there is always a possibility that you can be re-infected so it is imperative that you ensure that you not allow an unsantized instrument to ever pierce your skin again. 

Can the Keloid Removal Duo be used on eyes or in the mouth?

No, because the product is made with potent volatile plant extracts and is therefore for external use only!

Do you have any other suggestions to assist in the healing of my keloid damaged skin?

We would also suggest that you do the following while using our Keloid Removal Duo:

  • Use a natural organic soap to wash your keloid infected skin (or a natural organic shampoo to wash your keloid infected scalp) instead of the popular soap brands found at your local drug store that all contain chemical ingredients. 
  • Use 100% pure Vitamin E Oil to moisturize your keloid infected skin (or Argan Oil to moisturize your keloid infected scalp) after applying our Keloid Removal Duo instead of the creams and lotions found at your local drug store that also all contain chemical ingredients. 


What is your refund policy?

We stand by our product with an unconditional 30 day no questions asked refund policy which can be obtained by returning the bottles to our head office within the stated time period. Now while it would be unrealistic to claim that our product will remove your keloid in a month because of variance in size and severity, we do believe that 30 days will give you more than enough time to determine whether our product is actually starting to heal your infection. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we ship free of charge to any address in the United States; Canada and APO/FPO military addresses worldwide regardless of the size of the order!

Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?

We do ship internationally for a flat rate fee of $20.00 regardless of the country or size of the order. 

Where are the orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped from either our United States or Canadian Shipping facilities depending on the worldwide location of the address. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Estimated delivery times are as follows:

United States - 4 to 10 days. 

Canada and APO/FPO Military Addresses - 14 to 21 days. 

Europe and Australia - 17 to 25 days. 

Middle East, Africa,  South America etc.- 30 plus days.