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Fixskin's Keloid Removal Duo consists of our Toner and Keloid Removal Serum that was formulated with advanced aromatherapy using proven anti-microbial essential oils and other aromatic compounds that have been expertly calibrated into a formula designed to achieve maximum results.

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What Are Keloids?

Keloids are benign (non cancerous) fibrous skin tumors that occur during abnormal skin healing.

Keloids usually occur at the site of skin damage (e.g. cuts, burns, chicken pox, insect bites, piercings, surgery, tattoos etc.) and tend to develop most often on the chest, back, shoulders, earlobes and scalp.

The possibility of Keloid growth is not determined by the severity of the wound as even a minor skin abrasion can result in Keloid formation.

Why Do You Have Keloids?

Fixskin - illustration of bacteria in dermis layer of human skin causing a keloid.

How Does Fixskin's Keloid Removal Duo Repair Keloid Damaged Skin?

Fixskin - illustration of Fixskin's Toner and Keloid Removal Serum destroying Keloid causing bacteria in the dermis layer of human skin.


I didn't know what a keloid was until I had my belly button pierced and I soon realized that something wasn't right... It didn't heal properly then it started itching and eventually a keloid scar developed that wouldn't stop growing... I had a Doctor surgically remove it but it grew back even bigger... After two years of itching and embarrassment I simply gave up until I found Fixskin's Keloid Removal Duo... Thank you Fixskin for giving me my belly button button back!  You guys rock!!!

Sara A.

I literally spent thousands of dollars on prescription creams, injections and multiple surgeries but the keloids on my scalp simply grew worse over five years...  Then I started using the Keloid Removal Duo and six months later my scalp is keloid free!

Will G.

I got a small keloid on my back after getting a epidural shot during my pregnancy... I went to a dermatologist who gave me numerous painful steroid injections and the end result was that my small keloid had grown into a big keloid that became so painful that I had trouble sleeping... However, after faithfully using Fixskin not only is my back now pain free but my keloid is virtually gone. 

Sonya L.

The Keloid Removal Duo

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